Sunday, October 20, 2019

2019 Northwest York Rite Conference

Go figure, I'm at an airport again. Yes, I'm off on another trip, but the last few days were a blur as it was the Northwest York Rite Conference in Boise, ID. Thursday night I received the degree of Installed Sovereign Master in the Allied Masonic Degrees. 

Friday morning started with introductions then went into the Royal Arch Mason session, presided over by Brad Huffman, the Most Excellent Deputy General Grand High Priest. Presentations were given by a number of Companions and then candidates running for General Grand Scribe in 2020 were given time to talk. The Cryptic Masons session was Friday afternoon and was presided over Companion Bob Farrow, Right Puissant Regional Deputy General Grand Master for the Northwest. 

Saturday was dedicated to the Knights Templar and presentations were given by Sir Knight Ben Williams, Right Eminent Northwest Department Commander; Sir Knight Jeremy Vaughn, Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander of Idaho; the Knights Templar Eye Foundation; Sir Knight Michael Johnson, Right Eminent Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Encampment; and Sir Knight David Kussman, Right Eminent Grand Generalissimo of the Grand Encampment. 

Saturday evening, Intermountain Chapel No.27 of Ye Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon held a quick business meeting. Afterward, the Provincial Grand Council of the Northwest Province held its annual meeting. The rest of the night I sat and chatted with the Northwest Department Commander until past midnight. It made for an early morning, but now I'm back on the road; the next few weeks will be extremely busy.

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