Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Johannite Weekend

It's been quite a weekend; I spent the last few days in Oregon where I attended a Johannite Retreat at the farmhouse of a Monsignor of the Apostolic Johannite Church. Friday afternoon I arrived at the farm of a Monsignor where we prepared and held an Agape meal which was followed by some time for meditation and reflection. The Monsignor then led us in Vespers and we concluded the evening by watching a movie about Mary Magdalene.

Saturday started with Matins (morning prayer) then some breakfast. The Monsignor then led us in the Gnostic Mass of the AJC where we also remembered the Martyrdom of the Templars, the anniversary of which is Sunday, October 13th. This service also included my Baptism Sub Conditione and then I was officially received into the Oblates by taking of the vows. Baptism Sub Conditione is done just in case my prior baptism didn’t conform to the requirements of our sacramental theology of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

After lunch, we did some farm work that prepared for the campfire that was held later that night. Then there was a Theosis panel followed by another Agape meal, Vespers, meditation, and the aforementioned campfire. I left after the Theosis panel as I leave early Sunday morning.

Now, I'm at the second airport on my trip, waiting to board the plane for home. 

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