Sunday, January 19, 2020

Wyoming College SRICF

Last week I was in southern California where it was around 70*F each day. This week I was playing catch-up in the office. This weekend, though, I spent in Wyoming attending the SRICF College meeting. This weekend marks the 4th Anniversary since I was initiated the Society. It's a long drive: nearly 10-hours with good road conditions over 591-miles (951.1-km for non-Americans). Several roads were closed (including portions of a federal freeway) and most were snow-covered and with blowing snow. It made an interesting drive, to say the least.

While I am Celebrant of Idaho College, I'm still a member of Wyoming College and I served as Celebrant for this meeting because the Wyoming Celebrant couldn't make it. I had the pleasure of conferring the I*, or Zelator, on two new Fratres, one of whom is my counterpart, R.I. Deputy Grand Master, in the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Wyoming. The rest of the meeting went smoothly and two Fratres each presented a paper.

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