Saturday, August 20, 2022

Quite the Day

Today was an extremely busy day for me as my AMD Council, Knight Mason's Council, and Red Cross of Constantine Conclave met. Luckily for me, it met only 40-minutes away so the drive wasn't too bad compared to some others. Star Garnet Council No.560 of the Allied Masonic Degrees met and it was the first time I sat in Council as a Past Master and a happy sideliner. I had the pleasure to assist in investing the then-sitting Sovereign Master with the Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri. After the elections and the closing of the business meeting, I assisted in the conferral of the Installed Sovereign Master degree and then served as Marshall for the installation of officers for the ensuing year.

Next, the Knights of Tara Council No.122, Order of Knights Masons, met. Aside from the usual business, I was elected and installed as Excellent Chief which is the presiding officer of the Council. I'm the fourth Excellent Chief of this Council and I hope I can fill the shoes of my predecessor.

In the afternoon, St. Michael Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine met. Many of our members had never received the Order of the Holy Sepulchre or the Order of St. John the Evangelist so the Puissant Sovereign along with the Intendant General planned and put on these two appendant orders as well as the College of Viceroys and Senate of Sovereigns degrees, the latter I needed to receive before I serve as Sovereign next year...if elected.

As we had met in a rural Lodge and due to the extreme heat, we did not wear our traditional tuxedos, but instead wore pants with Hawaiian shirts. After the meetings were completed, we retired to a nearby park where we had a BBQ dinner.

Now I have to get ready as I am going on a work trip next week, attending the Convent General of the Knights of the York Cross of Honor next weekend, going on another work trip the week after that, and then attending the session of the Grand York Rites of Colorado and Wyoming after that (essentially I'm going to be traveling from now until midway through next month).

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