Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Anti-Mason Disinformation: Altiyan Childs

For the past two years, I've seen a video by Altiyan Childs defaming Freemasonry. Childs, known in Australia for winning the X-Factor, lost the limelight after he was found guilty of using meth in 2012. I'm not going to make a minute-by-minute response, but here are the major points:

Freemasonry never says Christ is bad or lower than demons or on par with demons or that He can be ignored. Most Masons are Christian and there are several Christian orders within Freemasonry such as the Knights Templar, Knights Preceptor, York Rite College, Red Cross of Constantine, Knights of the York Cross of Honor, Royal Order of Scotland, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest, and the Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte. Also, acknowledging that others have different beliefs doesn’t mean that I accept those beliefs as my own.

Covering one's eye is not a mode of recognition in Freemasonry nor is the "hidden hand" (people sometimes reach into their's okay). Nor does an awkward handshake make someone a Mason. The vast majority of those shown in this video are not or were not Freemasons.

The all-seeing eye is used in Freemasonry, but it was used in Christian iconography long before it was adopted into the lexicon of Freemasonry (around the end of the 18th century). The unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye (which is on the Great Seal of the US) was actually designed by a non-Mason named Charles Thomson. Not every appearance of an all-seeing eye is related to Freemasonry.

If he was a Mason, why is he using "Richard's Monitor" (which isn't a recognized or authorized ritual book) and not the one he had while he was in? Why does he never show any certificates or patents of membership? Also, if he was a Mason, why is he referencing co-masonry and universal masonry, which are fake or irregular groups? If he had been a real Mason, he'd know that so either he's lying or wasn't a Mason and doesn't know.

As for penalties, the only thing a Lodge or Grand Lodge (or any Masonic body) can do is convene a trial and if the Mason is found guilty of violating his obligation, Masonic law, or the laws of the land, the only punishments are reprimand, suspension, or expulsion. Such things are drawn out in the Constitution of every Grand Lodge. Masonic law, nor anything in Freemasonry, is above the law or makes Masons feel they are above the law.

Pike did not construct or create the 33-degree system of the Scottish Rite. He reformed the rituals, but the Scottish Rite was in existence before Pike was even born:

The title "Grand Commander Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry" does not exist in Freemasonry. This is an invention of anti-Masons:

The Pike statue: and

Freemasonry has nothing to do with Satanism:

Freemasonry is not a religion, secret or otherwise:

His comments on Andreae were complete bullshit and not based on any good research. And he tried to stem Freemasonry from Rosicrucianism as if that is accepted history rather than fanciful theory.

He states that all other beliefs and loyalties are to take a backseat to Freemasonry which is a false statement as we tell the candidates before taking his Obligation that it does not override or supersede any other Obligations one has to God, country, family, or friends.

Here are the facts behind the French Revolution and Freemasonry:

He says Freemasonry wasn’t around until 1610, but there are Lodge records that date to 1599 AD and the Regius Poem dates to 926 AD (carbon-dated to have been written around 1380 AD) which predates your Rosicrucian Manifesto obsession:

Nothing about the founding of the US was about influencing the world in a sinister way. It was about breaking the chains from a tyrannical monarch and allowing a people to choose their own destiny and form of government.

The Templars were absolved by the Pope in the Chinon Parchment:

The Templars had false charges laid against them by a tyrannical king who controlled the Papacy:

Templar continuation myths and Freemasonry:

You are confusing Freemasonry and the Illuminati which are and were different groups:

The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad:

Barruel was discredited:

Some Founders were Masons (most of whom were Christian), but not all:

Stonecutters was never an actual name of Freemasonry. That is a parody done by The Simpsons.

The Carbonari is not Freemasonry or a part of Freemasonry:

The Black Hand is not a name used in Freemasonry or any of its concordant bodies.

Freemasonry had nothing to do with the establishment of socialism or communism. Freemasonry champions freedom and liberty, not government constraint. FYI, communist and socialist nations have consistently and historically banned and suppressed Freemasonry.

We don’t use the term “levels” to denote advancement or rank in Freemasonry:

Freemasonry isn’t a unified system nor do we “work together for our own prosperity and power.” That’s just an outright lie. Freemasonry is a decentralized system with hundreds of Grand Lodges around the world, each one is sovereign and independent.

After watching this video, I doubt his statement that he used to be a Mason. I've been a Mason for over 16 years and he uses no terminology that any Mason would know, but he does speak as if he's getting his information from an anti-Mason site which often confuses and mixes up words. He's just a burned-out "artist" who replaced meth with Christian fanaticism and looking for more attention.


  1. Like he is the first to ever say any of these things? I believe him. There is no treason to put yourself out there naming names and revealing tjis dtuff other than their exposure. He gains zip.

    1. It's amazing that in all 5+ hours of his video, he never once proves he's a Mason. No dues cards, no patents, no certificates, no pictures of him in regalia, etc. Nothing.

      He's not the first to say those things meaning that he's just repeating what has already been said by every anti-Mason out there.

  2. It's amazing that all ur debunks to his 5 long hour well explained video,
    all all links from your site, or free masonry sites
    which CLEARLY are the ones this video makes you doubt.
    like, if we do tend to believe him, the fact u bring ur debunk info from the very ones he's trying to exposes, free masons, well then u just made the decision easier for us.
    I hope god pays you well in the afterlife.
    bt, FMS stands for free masonry suck.

    1. "Well explained"? LOL All he has done is recycle the same old garbage that all other anti-Masons have used. Let me ask you this, why does he never once prove that he was actually ever a Mason: no dues cards, no patents or certificates, no pictures of him in regalia, no pictures of him at any meetings, no copy of his Lodge bylaws, etc. Nothing. He merely states he was a Mason and then proceeds to just regurgitate debunked nonsense. It's not at all amazing that those links are from my site as I wrote all of those articles and I'm not going to just repeat what I've already written so I linked them together. You are free to prove anything I wrote wrong. I'll wait.

    2. Barry, lets all be real for a second. Why defend so sensitively if it's all bullshit? Let the non-believers be non-believers and move on with your life. If it's truly not malicious that is.
      You're just mad that you weren't picked for Diddy's house party where Justin Bieber got railed into next week. Cope :3

    3. TRN, I don't abide liars.

  3. Bro didn't address how Morals and Dogma on page 321 states that Lucifer is the one who bears the "light".

  4. So what's up with the genital cover that has a bloody axe and bloody hand

    1. There are no "genital covers" in Freemasonry.

  5. Also what about the dark magic part

  6. He did not use meth. They found Methamphetamine in his system which is ADHD and ADD medicine.

    1. Riiiggghhhttt...I'd stick to that story to if I was a druggy.